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Who Dares Wins?

Look! A castle!
Published: 07 May 2015

I was wandering around online the other day, looking for plastic dishes of all things.

Not just any dishes mind you, but very specific ones. Light blue sort of a peachy brown melmac dishes. The ones they had in the hospital where I spent a lot of time while I was growing up.

This place was AWESOME. In my mind it was a gigantic catle, with huge windows and a balcony that went around the entire front of the building.

I LOVED the stage, and the doors everywhere. And the green frosted glass in the stairways. The back court yard, the sun room, if you had to be in a hospital, this was the one to be in.

So as I'm looking through the very limited selection of pictures and info on the building, I read that it's FOR SALE.

It has always been my secret dream to somehow live in that building. Even though there were a lot of surgeries and other not so pleasant things happening, it was the place where I could get EVERYWHERE.

Now that I know this, it gives me the worst feeling in the pit of my stomach. And it makes me want to look into what it would take to get it, and make it a place where people like me, who need access and a decent place to live can stay.

I don't know what it would take, or who to ask for help or if it's even possible but I'd love to try.

What do you think? People have raised more money for lesser reasons, at least in my mind they're lesser reasons.

If you can help or have any ideas, please contact me. Only if you're serious though, because it's something I really want to do.