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Good thing you came along.

we've been struggling you know..
Published: 03 January 2013
There's something that happens a lot in my (and all disabled people's) life that never ceases to amaze me.

It's when people who are not disabled, or are new to disability, instantly have immediate solutions to issues that they know nothing about, or worse, created in their heads and made it an issue for the rest of us.

Their only reason for thinking they have this world altering information is because they are, in my opinion, clueless.

They gush this phoned in, low level crap and expect to be congratulated for their contribution and are offended and angry when you don't instantly feed their egos by telling them they may want to get a bit of experience before they tell someone who DOES have experience how and why they with no background, know better.

It's about as grating as hearing child performers with a commercial or two commenting on how honored they are to work with Oscar winners.. they have no clue - they should just ask for more hot dogs and be quiet.