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Added: Tuesday, 15 March 2016
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You know those retro style headphones? If you don't have any, you want them.

You may not know it yet, but you do.

I got a pair of the Night Hawk headphones from Kiet Nguyen, the owner of Nguyen Sound, at the Wi-Me Snowboards Kind Dub Krew party at Snow Show in Denver. I put them on when I got home and have been wearing them like a tiara ever since.

They are surprisingly light for the size and extremely comfortable. The foam on the ear pieces is just the right density so it cushions your ears without compressing too much, and the textured leather-like fabric has a luxurious look and feel. The fit is adjustable with extensions, slide in to shorten, out to lengthen and the hinged connection between the headband and the ear pieces combined with the rotating connection at the top of the hinge make them very comfortable and snug.

The connection design makes it easy to fold them and pack them in a small space with the ear pieces tucked safely inside the head band.

The controls are all on one ear piece and are operated by tapping or holding. Tap to change stations, hold to adjust the volume and change modes.

Syncing to your phone is straightforward, turn your device on, turn on the headphones, scan for devices from your phone and pair.

Now for what matters: the sound. It's crystal clear, full, and rich. You can wear them all day and not feel like you've been listening through a straw. The FM reception is a lot stronger than I expected it would be. I got every local station inside my house with no static at all, including some I didn't even know existed In fact I got more stations on the headphones than I get in my truck. The station / track transition is smooth with a slight fade in that makes it easy on your ears when making changes.

Charging is done with the micro port with a standard USB charger which is not included however it's a standard charging system so it's likely you have what you need already.

Retail for these bad boys is just $120.00 and you can get your pair at retail locations in Colorado or online at Tell them we sent you.

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