Electronic Anti-theft Travel Backpack

Added: Saturday, 20 January 2018
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MSRP: $1550 HKD - approximately $199 USD
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Whether on an airplane, bus or subway, CabinR's first-of-its-kind anti-theft sensors will keep your belongings safe from prying hands.

International reports have stated that every year, there have been reported cases of in-flight theft. These mile-high thieves are a serious problem and reported cases have been rising in the past few years.

CabinR’s unique security device deters a would-be thief who tries to open bags stored in overhead compartments and under seats while their owners sleep or are otherwise distracted.

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Editor's Review: CabinR backpacks and messenger bags offer security for your belongings while traveling.

For those of us who are not able to reach (and many times even see) our bags after being seated, this is a huge stress saver, especially when deplaning as we are usually the last people off the plane so if our bags are tampered with, those people are long gone before we even know anything is wrong.

The security feature is in the form of a blanket that protects the main compartment with RFID sensor that detects abnormal movement after the alarm has been activated. The only way to deactivate it is with one of the 3 included RFID cards or with a combination you select when you first activate the system.

The blanket is removable and can be used in ANY bag, or even just on top of something so you can protect items in any number of scenarios.

The first thing I noticed about the bag itself is how elegant it is. Even though it's the traditional backpack shape and silhouette, it has a high end look due to the fabric and construction. I make bags so I look for these things. The straps are wide and well padded and the seams are flat with no ripples or buckling or rippling. The high shine, glossy chrome buckles that secure the top flap match the silver tone of the bag perfectly.

In terms of space, this bag is huge with multiple padded, zippered pockets, cord access, bottom compartment and side slots. The top flap closure is structured with side panels that enclose the top of the bag with an overlap that keeps the top of the bag well shaped and the top compartment zipper covered and protected.

The multi-access pocket zippers have interlocking security loops for additional travel locks that keep the pockets closed even if someone moves one of the zippers. There's also a quick access pocket on the back for your pens, and other necessities and an attached swivel clamp for small items like keys.

The bag itself is surprisingly lightweight, even with the blanket installed so the bag is not bogging you down with balance concerns.

For ultralight chair users, it's thin enough to fit on the back of my chair, which is 15 inches wide, and the back of the bag is flat enough to carry it on your lap if that's how you roll.

Overall this is a great product, and has multiple uses for any disabled person, including when you have to leave your chair or other DME somewhere that you can't be with it, like when you're skiing, or at the pool, or any other activity that separates you from your gear. And for around $200, it's very affordable especially considering the value of our property.

I absolutely recommend this bag.
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