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Luxuriously soft and comfortable. My go to medium weight base layers.

Luxuriously soft and comfortable. My go to medium weight base layers.

Another awesome score from Snowshow! LeBent 200 weight top and bottoms.

If you've ever sit-skied or played sled hockey and had the oven effect from your gear, these are your undies.

The fabric is a blend of bamboo and merino wool which bridges the gap between warm (but itchy) wool and warm (but smelly) polyester.

The blend also has some fabulously crip friendly features.

It's hypo allergenic so you get the thermal properties of wool without the nasty wool rash, it's anti-bacterial which helps with odor control and it has exceptional wicking properties.

It's surprisingly warm for the weight and that lets you go with a lighter top layer so you're not as bulked up in your ski or sled so you have a bit more freedom of movement. It's really noticeable with the bottoms around your waist. Where I really noticed was after playing hockey and taking off my snow pants.

I wore these skiing a few times in the spring and they were part of my regular sled hockey setup. For those who don't know, sled hockey is a LOT more strenuous than skiing and you get heated up very quickly and you get sweaty due to the position you're in. Being able to wear a lighter base layer made it a lot more comfortable and it really did make a difference in the moisture level which helps with skin care, for those who have to keep that in mind.

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