Carbon Ultralight Rollator

Our Carbon Ultralight Rollator is your new best travel buddy
Primary Category: Mobility & DME

Going Mini Self Balancing Wheelchair

Going is a revolutionary self balancing wheelchair, able to guarantee total freedom of movement on any terrain and in any weather for many miles.
Primary Category: Mobility & DME

Wheel Wellies

Universal wheel covers that prevent dirt and mud from your wheelchair wheels going on the carpet or the inside of your car.
Primary Category: Gadgets & Tools

Oticon Opn

Oticon Opn is the world’s first Internet-connected hearing aid. Since coming onto the market, Oticon Opn hearing aids have unlocked an entirely new experience for wearers who want the power of the Internet while hearing better in their daily lives.
Primary Category: Mobility & DME

The RAPAEL Smart Glove

The Smart Glove is a wearable, active finger and hand rehabilitation solution that connects via Bluetooth to a screen where movements are mirrored and measured.
Primary Category: Rehab & Therapy
Tags bluetooth, CES 18

RAPAEL Smart Pegboard

The RAPAEL Smart Pegboard is a digital training platform that provides visual and auditory feedback to motivate users through gamified training as they rehabilitate their upper extremities.
Primary Category: Rehab & Therapy
Tags CES 18


Nuheara's award-winning IQbuds are a hearable product that allow users to control the noise levels around them, thus enhancing their ability to hear conversations while reducing background noise.
Primary Category: Wearables

Freedom Trax

A powerful wheelchair attachment, designed for the explorer. Freedom Trax is a unique track system for sand, snow, gravel, mud and more.
Primary Category: Outdoors & Camping

Dishon-EZ Play Mobility Cruiser

Gives your child access to floor play plus the freedom to wheel from room to room.
Primary Category: Mobility & DME
Tags children

Stability Gliders™

Stabilized Steps™ is a company founded on innovation and is focused on improving the lives of people with mobility issues, giving them freedom to move forward.
Primary Category: Mobility & DME


Freeliner is a cross between a scooter and a 3 wheeled motorcycle.
Primary Category: Vehicles

Softwheel Wheels

I've been riding these aluminum and carbon fiber bad boys for about six months now and so far, I'm loving every second of it.
Primary Category: Mobility & DME