Road Shower 4

Imagine enjoying the comfort of 4, 7 or 10 gallons of glorious hot pressurized water on your motorized travels.
Primary Category: Outdoors & Camping


Fire-starting Carabiner. 1oz, stainless steel, rated for 100 pounds of gear with integrated screwdriver, bottle opener, small utility blade, hang slots and an EverSpark fire wheel.
Primary Category: Outdoors & Camping

Stage Ninja Grips & Mounts

Spring-loaded holders accommodate smartphones up to 3.6 inches wide. Additional holders for tablets. Enables one-handed insertion and removal of smartphone from holder. Attaches perfectly to chairs.
Primary Category: Grips & Holders
Tags CES 18

Survivor Filter Squeeze Kit

The Survivor Filter Squeeze Kit cleans water down to a filtration level of 0.05 Microns. By attaching the Survivor Filter to our Collapsible Canteens, you can produce clean, filtered water in no time!
Primary Category: Water Filters & Reservoirs
Tags OR 17

GO anywhere toilet kit®

The most sanitary, safe, environmentally-friendly, portable toilet solution available-complete with toilet paper and hand sanitizer.
Primary Category: Daily Living
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BLDG Active Skin Repair

Introducing the first multifunctional, non-toxic, skin and wound repair solution. Powered by the same molecule produced by our bodies in response to injury, this medical-grade, clinically proven formulation kills 99.9% of bacteria and speeds the natural healing process. Say goodbye to bulky, toxic first-aid. The future is just three ounces.
Primary Category: Emergency & First Aid
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XTend Lightvest

The Xtend fits perfectly over your gear and provides both full reflectivity and a powerful forward 150 lumen beam – tunable up / down and side-to-side.
Primary Category: Outdoors & Camping
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Dr. Cool Cooling Towel

The Dr. Cool cooling towel provides you with targeted chemical-free cooling. Just wet, wring and use.
Primary Category: Temperature Regulation
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Survival Medical First Aid Kits

Prepackaged first aid and survival kits based on activity and environment.
Primary Category: Emergency & First Aid
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These seriously overdue phone pouches keep your phone warm so your batteries last longer
Primary Category: Fashion Accessories
Tags skiing, snowboarding, winter

Sport Shieldz

Reduce the amount of g-force on impact with the MVP Protective Cap
Primary Category: Essentials & Accessories
Tags children, skiing, snowboarding