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Stage Ninja Grips & Mounts

Spring-loaded holders accommodate smartphones up to 3.6 inches wide. Additional holders for tablets. Enables one-handed insertion and removal of smartphone from holder. Attaches perfectly to chairs.
Primary Category: Grips & Holders
Tags CES 18

Simplehuman Foam Cartridge Sensor Pump

Experience the most luxurious and mess-free way to wash your hands with the simplehuman foam cartridge sensor pump as it delivers just the right amount of rich, creamy pre-lathered foam.
Primary Category: Housewares
Tags CES 18

Simplehuman Sensor Can

simplehuman's sensor can is now equipped with voice control. To operate the trashcan, wave your hand over the sensor, or say, "open can." making it mess and hassle free.
Primary Category: Housewares
Tags CES 18

Survivor Filter Squeeze Kit

The Survivor Filter Squeeze Kit cleans water down to a filtration level of 0.05 Microns. By attaching the Survivor Filter to our Collapsible Canteens, you can produce clean, filtered water in no time!
Primary Category: Water Filters & Reservoirs
Tags OR 17

Survivor Filter PRO

The Survivor Filter PRO filters water down to a filtration level of 0.01 Microns, the best level available on the market today!
Primary Category: Water Filters & Reservoirs
Tags OR 17

Square Panda

Square Panda is a multisensory phonics learning system that turns your tablet into a tool to ignite your child’s love of reading.
Primary Category: Toys & Games
Tags CES 18, children


Supoon is the world’s best cooking spoon. It has a flat squeegee tip and flexible sides to scrape your pan or bowl clean.
Primary Category: Housewares

Sportube Freestyler Gear bag

Offering a quick, convenient attachment with tons of room, the Sportube Freestyler gear bag is ideally suited and sized to most wheelchairs.
Primary Category: Bags, Totes & Straps
Tags SIA 17

Stability Gliders™

Stabilized Steps™ is a company founded on innovation and is focused on improving the lives of people with mobility issues, giving them freedom to move forward.
Primary Category: Mobility & DME

Syryn Waterproof MP3 Player

The Swimbuds SPORT Waterproof Headphones are for the aquatic athlete who wants to invest in a versatile, rugged, better sounding headphone.
Primary Category: Speakers & Earbuds
Tags OR 17

Survival Medical First Aid Kits

Prepackaged first aid and survival kits based on activity and environment.
Primary Category: Emergency & First Aid
Tags OR 17


No more struggling with a buckle pin. Just slide the belt through the buckle opening and pull until you get the perfect fit.
Primary Category: Fashion Accessories
Tags ladies, mens, OR 17

Ski-Key BC

This handy little tool lets you single handedly tighten your ski boots.
Primary Category: Sports Accessories
Tags SIA 17, skiing

Shore-S-EZ Pontoon Boat Ramp

Deploy the ramp and access your pontoon boat right from your wheelchair.
Primary Category: Boating & Rafting


This 3 ski bike lets people get on the snow who might not otherwise try it.
Primary Category: Winter & Snow Sports
Tags SIA 17, winter


This snowboard strap attaches to the free binding of your snowboard eliminating the stress on your other leg.
Primary Category: Winter & Snow Sports
Tags snowboarding

Softwheel Wheels

I've been riding these aluminum and carbon fiber bad boys for about six months now and so far, I'm loving every second of it.
Primary Category: Mobility & DME

Ski Mojo

Ski~Mojo uses spring recoil technology to take up to a third of the strain off the legs and knees by providing kinetic energy to assist leg extension.
Primary Category: Winter & Snow Sports
Tags SIA 17, skiing, snowboarding

SnowStopper Mittens

SnowStoppers® is the brand that started it all.
Primary Category: Gloves & Mittens
Tags children, winter

Seat Rack

Every skier, snowboarder, do-it-yourselfer, paddler and anyone else with things to do needs an interior cargo rack.
Primary Category: Automotive Accessories

Sioeye Iris4G LTE Action Camera

The Sioeye Iris4G LTE Action Camera allows you to Broadcast your adventures live, with the push of a button.
Primary Category: Cameras & Accessories

Sport Shieldz

Reduce the amount of g-force on impact with the MVP Protective Cap
Primary Category: Essentials & Accessories
Tags children, skiing, snowboarding

Skia Sweetspot

The SkiA Ski Trainer is the new way to maximize your skiing performance and enjoyment.
Primary Category: Winter & Snow Sports
Tags skiing, training

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