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Body Glide

Body Glide anti-chafe balms are small and compact, and provide much-needed skin protection. Each formula uses plant-derived wax to prevent redness, raw skin and blisters from skin-on-skin and skin-on-clothing friction. Body Glide products are resistant to water and perspiration.
Primary Category: Personal Products
Tags OR SIA 18


BEAK is an innovative and affordable solution targeted to simplify and redefine the concept of Smart Living and a perfect solution for Home Automation.
Primary Category: Control & Automation
Tags CES 18

BEDDI Home System

BEDDI is your ultimate bedside concierge. Now you can sleep well every night with soothing white noise while your phone and tablet are charging.
Primary Category: Appliances
Tags CES 18

BLDG Active Skin Repair

Introducing the first multifunctional, non-toxic, skin and wound repair solution. Powered by the same molecule produced by our bodies in response to injury, this medical-grade, clinically proven formulation kills 99.9% of bacteria and speeds the natural healing process. Say goodbye to bulky, toxic first-aid. The future is just three ounces.
Primary Category: Emergency & First Aid
Tags OR 17

Bru-Stop French Press Pot

This wide bottomed pot makes it easy to make your delicious French Press coffee without the worry of tipping the press over.
Primary Category: Appliances
Tags OR 17

Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe

The Bripe takes you back to basics - it's a simple, portable, coffee maker and allows ANYONE to make a great "SHOT" of coffee ANYWHERE!
Primary Category: Appliances
Tags OR 17

Bullfrog Speaker

The BF400 is packed with power and built for fun in the sun! A built-in FM tuner, AUX jack and charging USB connection complement a Bluetooth range of up to 100 feet!
Primary Category: Speakers & Earbuds
Tags bluetooth, OR 17, waterproof

Bob's Butt Wipes

Personal hygiene wipes in a resealable package. 100% biodegradable and dissipating material, infused with all-natural, hypoallergenic, gentle formulas.
Primary Category: Personal Products
Tags emergency, OR 17

BONX Group Talk

Keep in touch with your crew with group on mountain communication from Bonx.
Primary Category: Communication
Tags SIA 17

BFresh Backpack

BFresh backpacks are well made, sturdy and are the perfect width for a wheelchair.
Primary Category: Bags, Totes & Straps
Tags ladies, SIA 17

Barkeater Goggles

Barkeater Goggle set with 4 lenses and hard carry case.
Primary Category: Winter & Snow Sports
Tags skiing, snowboarding, winter

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