Livliga Portion Spoons

The stunning and unique LivSpoon® Portion Control that is effortlessly mindful and noted for its design!


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3dRudder PC

The 3dRudder is a foot powered motion controller for VR and PC, used while seated.


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Stabilized Steps Walker Attachment

Walker attachment provides easy stable walking on grass, sand, gravel and even snow. Safe for use indoors. Walker NOT included.


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GTech Armour Hand Sanitizer 8 oz

Keep your family healthy this flu season. Spray on hands and surfaces to prevent flu and colds. Skin Friendly, Eco-Friendly, Made in the USA.


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Anti-germ & De-Stinkifying Spray 16 oz

GTech Sport Spray stops non-pathogenic, odor causing microbes, bacteria and fungi in their tracks.


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established in 1994

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