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Products and services for your accessible life.

BEDDI Home System

BEDDI is your ultimate bedside concierge. Now you can sleep well every night with soothing white noise while your phone and tablet are charging.

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PopSocket Phone Grip

PopSockets offer a secure grip for texting or snapping the perfect selfie, and propping your phone up for catching the latest video. Just "pop" & expand one whenever you need a grip or stand for those brilliant pix, videos, or posts.

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rePETe Stormfront Travel Pack

The small packet expands into a full size, light weight backpack that fits perfectly on the back of a wheelchair. Perfect for when you need that extra room.

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Survivor Filter Squeeze Kit

The Survivor Filter Squeeze Kit cleans water down to a filtration level of 0.05 Microns. By attaching the Survivor Filter to our Collapsible Canteens, you can produce clean, filtered water in no time!

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Survivor Filter PRO

The Survivor Filter PRO filters water down to a filtration level of 0.01 Microns, the best level available on the market today!

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Renogy E.FLEX10 Portable Solar Panel

With 10 watts in this durable and portable panel, you will never have to worry about a dead battery! Folds flat so it fits easily in a chair bag.

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3dRudder: the revolutionary motion controller born for VR

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EB300 Bluetooth Sport Earbuds

The comfortable and stylish EB300 Bluetooth Earphone is engineered to fit active lifestyles. Listen to music, take calls, and adjust the volume with the control pad.

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EB400 Waterproof Sport Earbuds

Waterproof and wireless - perfect for an active lifestyle. Lightweight design and adjustable earbands resist fallout, even with extreme movement.

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R.T. EDGE Gyro

The Resistance Trainer EDGE Edition is our advanced level model gyro, ideal for anyone looking to obtain a great arm workout!

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Trekz Bone Conducting Headphones

The lightweight and comfortable Trekz Titanium wireless stereo headphones are the safest alternative to traditional sport headphones and earbuds.

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Supoon is the world’s best cooking spoon. It has a flat squeegee tip and flexible sides to scrape your pan or bowl clean.

Clongs 12

Clongs are click-lock tongs that sit up off your bench. Just like a retractable “clicky” pen, open your Clongs with the push of a click-button, then hold them closed and push the click-button again to lock them closed - the ease of locking and unlocking make Clongs a one-handed tool.

Sportube Freestyler Gear bag

Offering a quick, convenient attachment with tons of room, the Sportube Freestyler gear bag is ideally suited and sized to most wheelchairs.

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Old Faithful Flameless Geyser Portable Cooking System

The Geyser Portable Cooking System by Old Faithful Flameless is a rugged self-contained cooking set powered by a chemical reaction heat pack. The Geyser isn't effected by heat, cold, wind rain, or altitude.

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Bru-Stop French Press Pot

This wide bottomed pot makes it easy to make your delicious French Press coffee without the worry of tipping the press over.

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Parakito Mosquito Repellent Wristband

Fun and stylish, these practical and refillable wristbands blend safety with style.

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Fat Strap Stash

Replace your existing straps with this wide, comfortable and secure stash strap.

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Dr. Cool Cooling Towel

The Dr. Cool cooling towel provides you with targeted chemical-free cooling. Just wet, wring and use.

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Bullfrog Speaker

The BF400 is packed with power and built for fun in the sun! A built-in FM tuner, AUX jack and charging USB connection complement a Bluetooth range of up to 100 feet!

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Bob's Butt Wipes

Personal hygiene wipes in a resealable package. 100% biodegradable and dissipating material, infused with all-natural, hypoallergenic, gentle formulas.

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Tailgater Tire Table

The steel, powder coated, tire mounted table is level, stable, VERY accessible. and weighs less than 13 pounds.

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No more struggling with a buckle pin. Just slide the belt through the buckle opening and pull until you get the perfect fit.

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Ski-Key BC

This handy little tool lets you single handedly tighten your ski boots.

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ZeroTie Hands Free Shoes

Hands free shoes from use a patented lacing technology that tightens without the need for hands or bending.

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BONX Group Talk

Keep in touch with your crew with group on mountain communication from Bonx.

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This 3 ski bike lets people get on the snow who might not otherwise try it.

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Vapur Anti-Bottle

These flat, collapsible bottles fit in your front pocket and have a very convenient removable straw system.

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Trek Snowshoe Kit

Easy on with spring assistance makes snow shoeing easier.

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This snowboard strap attaches to the free binding of your snowboard eliminating the stress on your other leg.

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These seriously overdue phone pouches keep your phone warm so your batteries last longer

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Torch Coat Heater

The Torch Coat Heater is a battery-operated heater that is designed to fit seamlessly inside any style coat allowing you to transform your jacket into a battery powered heated jacket.

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Ski Mojo

Ski~Mojo uses spring recoil technology to take up to a third of the strain off the legs and knees by providing kinetic energy to assist leg extension.

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Hand Out Pro Mittens

Comfortable, cozy and so convenient. An absolute must have.

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SnowStopper Mittens

SnowStoppers® is the brand that started it all.

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Never lose your lip balm again. Attaches to helmets, bikes and more.

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Laptop Laidback

The Laptop Laidback is a small table with adjustable legs that you can use anywhere to hold your laptop, tablet, or book.

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Control your music and your GoPro® right from your fingertips.

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Mountain Goat Ski Tote

Carry your skis easily with this simple to use, must have strap set.

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LeBent Base Layers

Luxuriously soft and comfortable. My go to medium weight base layers.

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Skia Sweetspot

The SkiA Ski Trainer is the new way to maximize your skiing performance and enjoyment.

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