Unlimbited - Affiliate Program

How long does it take to see my commissions?

We approve commissions 45 days after the sale occurs and the payment and transaction are fully completed which includes any guarantee periods.

I earned a commission, why haven't I been paid?

Each month, we pay affiliates who have reached our minimum $100.00 account balance. If you account balance hasn't met the payout guideline of $100.00, it will carry over from month-to-month until it does. The first month it hits the $100.00 balance mark, you will be paid.

What are Tiers and how do I benefit from them?

Tiers are affiliates that you have invited to the program. When affiliates in your tiers earn commissions, you earn a commission as well. There are 3 levels of tiers, the main level earns 10% commission on their own sales, the person who invited them (if any) will earn 3% of the sale amount, and the 3rd level (the person who invited the person who invited you) will earn 2% of the sale amount. This allows for active recruiting and potential for ongoing income.

Is this where groups sign up for funding?

Yes. All funding via the fundraiser programs is handled through the affiliate program. When a purchase of a program specific item has been completed, a separate addition to the commissions area will be added for each item for group tracking use.

Do I have to pay taxes on my earnings?

Probably. Check with your accountant to be sure.