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Who Dares Wins?

Look! A castle!

Who Dares Wins?

I was wandering around online the other day, looking for plastic dishes of all things.

Not just any dishes mind you, but very specific ones. Light blue sort of a peachy brown melmac dishes. The ones they had in the hospital where I spent a lot of time while I was growing up.

My Top 10 List

Things I DEMAND You Know.

My Top 10 List

I've been seeing a lot of these Top 10 things wheelers... amputees... whatever.. want you to know.. and guess what, they are ALL WRONG.

Just kidding - they're not wrong, they just missed a spot. BUT you do not have to panic. I'm here to fix it for you. Because I'm good like that ☺

Get comfy because I'm going to give you a lot of information in a very short time, so please save any questions you may have to the end.

Don't Confuse Cruelty with Honesty

It's easy to do

Don't Confuse Cruelty with Honesty

It's common to confuse things that look alike.

Cruelty is a sneaky little worm. It's also talented in that it can hide behind it's fraternal twin Honesty. Sometimes Cruelty even borrows Honesty's favorite outfit. Not cool..

I'm referring to when people use a person's disability and their own inability to deal with it as a reason / excuse to end a relationship, whether it be a friendship, a business partnership or the biggest of all, a personal relationship.

The reasons are usually trivial and show the other person as the shallow unsophisticated (and therefore undateable) individuals they are, but they're delivered in earnest which is why I think they think it's ok..