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Chillis Restaurants

Sticks and stones.

Chillis Restaurants

Fred Casper worked at Chili's restaurant in the Pittsburgh Mills Mall. He didn't like what his co-workers had to say so he demanded they stop, because what they were saying hurt him in his feelings.

They were using words. Specifically retard. His son has Down Syndrome and he informed his co-workers he would not tolerate them excercising their right to free speech. He was let go and offered a position at another location, which he refused due to "feeling uncomfortable"

United Airlines

Safety First. Always.

United Airlines

On May 5, 2015 Donna Beegle, a medical doctor and anti-poverty activist, boarded a United Airlines flight in Houston headed to Portland with her husband and autistic 14 year old daughter.

The flight was diverted to Salt Lake City and the Beegle family was removed from the plane.