Chillis Restaurants

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Chillis Restaurants

Fred Casper worked at Chili's restaurant in the Pittsburgh Mills Mall. He didn't like what his co-workers had to say so he demanded they stop, because what they were saying hurt him in his feelings.

They were using words. Specifically retard. His son has Down Syndrome and he informed his co-workers he would not tolerate them excercising their right to free speech. He was let go and offered a position at another location, which he refused due to "feeling uncomfortable"

United Airlines

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United Airlines

On May 5, 2015 Donna Beegle, a medical doctor and anti-poverty activist, boarded a United Airlines flight in Houston headed to Portland with her husband and autistic 14 year old daughter.

The flight was diverted to Salt Lake City and the Beegle family was removed from the plane.

Who Dares Wins?

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Who Dares Wins?

I was wandering around online the other day, looking for plastic dishes of all things.

Not just any dishes mind you, but very specific ones. Light blue sort of a peachy brown melmac dishes. The ones they had in the hospital where I spent a lot of time while I was growing up.

My Top 10 List

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My Top 10 List

I've been seeing a lot of these Top 10 things wheelers... amputees... whatever.. want you to know.. and guess what, they are ALL WRONG.

Just kidding - they're not wrong, they just missed a spot. BUT you do not have to panic. I'm here to fix it for you. Because I'm good like that ☺

Get comfy because I'm going to give you a lot of information in a very short time, so please save any questions you may have to the end.

Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

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Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

I'm ashamed to say I was completely out of the loop on this.

An issue was facing the disability community that was so urgent and in need of change that a group of people took it upon themselves to organize and fix it with a successful grass roots activism campaign, and I missed it all.

With a crowd of onlookers present in the appropriate numbers to signify and memorialize the importance of the event, a government official said all the right things and the local bobble heads oohhed and aaaahhed in anticipation as they waited for the unveiling of.. wait for it..

A Distinction Without a Difference

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A Distinction Without a Difference

More disabled people in the news. A teen couple with Down Syndrome are reseated at a movie. Their date is ruined and they are rightfully and understandably upset.

Predictably, the media gets involved at the injustice of it - the theater chain apologizes, refunds their money and the couple then upgrades their date request and the public comes through with private event tickets.

Why don't you have handles on the back of your chair?

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Why don't you have handles on the back of your chair?

Everything in the disabled world is about safety. Ridiculously slow lifts, sheltered workshops, disability tax to every level of unwanted consultancies.. this is no different.

It's to keep you safe.

Touching my chair is like grabbing my ass without my permission. It's not welcome and when people do that, no matter how well intentioned, I react poorly. And by poorly I mean..

Lost in Translation

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Lost in Translation

Some words and phrases aren't found in the usual tourist guides, so here are a few that you may have heard in cripworld - translated into cripspeak.

If that happened to me I'd kill myself.

Translation: why are you here? In my mind your life is worthless, so much so that I'll say it to your face in the guise of a compliment because I really don't think you're smart enough to get it and if you do, I don't actually care because, well, as I said, I would rather be dead than you. ☺

Good thing you came along..

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Good thing you came along..
There's something that happens a lot in my life that never ceases to amaze me.. it's when people who are not disabled or are new to disability instantly have solutions to issues that they know nothing about.. their only reason for thinking they have this world altering information is because they are, in my opinion, clueless.

They gush this phoned in, low level crap and expect to be congratulated for their contribution and are offended and angry when you don't instantly feed their egos by telling them they may want to get a bit of experience before they tell someone who DOES have experience how and why they with no background, know better..

Don't Confuse Cruelty with Honesty

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Don't Confuse Cruelty with Honesty

It's common to confuse things that look alike.

Cruelty is a sneaky little worm. It's also talented in that it can hide behind it's fraternal twin Honesty. Sometimes Cruelty even borrows Honesty's favorite outfit. Not cool..

I'm referring to when people use a person's disability and their own inability to deal with it as a reason / excuse to end a relationship, whether it be a friendship, a business partnership or the biggest of all, a personal relationship.

The reasons are usually trivial and show the other person as the shallow unsophisticated (and therefore undateable) individuals they are, but they're delivered in earnest which is why I think they think it's ok..

CRAB Attack Survival Guide

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CRAB Attack Survival Guide
It came across a disability support list.

Woman: "People stare at me whenever I go anywhere. I try to ignore them, but I'm embarrassed. Any advice?"

Man: "You are wrong to feel embarrassed.. The people who are looking at you are admiring your courage in adversity. That shouldn't embarrass you - it should make you feel proud and happy that people recognize your bravery. I bet if you speak kindly to any one of them, you'll strike up a conversation during which they will acknowledge your courage."

Dear Friendly Stranger

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Dear Friendly Stranger

Dear Friendly Stranger:

I just wanted to drop you a note to remark on our wonderful encounter over the weekend.

I must apologize for my extreme rudeness. Had I not been in such a rush, I would have taken the time to answer your questions about my sex life, my disability, how I go to the bathroom and the countless others that you shouted at me in slow motion while I was shopping.

No Thank You!

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No Thank You!

I love words.

Three in particular have considerable power, and depending on the situation and who says them, can have profound effects on the person on the receiving end of them.

Even when they're interspersed with other words, you still get the basic underlying intent.

What are these magic words you ask?

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