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Sponsorships and upcoming opportunities.

Marketing ideas and upcoming opportunities.

With the Paralympics under way, the timing is perfect to ride the wave of publicity and visibility from NBC and other media outlets.
Hashtags for NXT LVL adaptive / disabled community: #IAMNXTLVL and #NXTLVLADAPTIVE

Athlete Sponsorships

the 3 handcycles in this photo cost approximately $40,000.
Team NXTLVLADAPTIVE - have a call for adaptive athletes to apply for team membership (nxt lvl) or a sponsorship, with nxt lvl branded merchandise. $1,000 unrestricted grants for training, travel or other expenses, tires, tubes, etc. The exposure for this would be huge as adaptive is hot right now, and a large hurdle newcomers and established athletes is funding. Ski season is starting, that's a very visible sport - adaptive passes run $400 - $600.

Limited Edition Cans

Exponential reach and high quality brand recognition
To extend the athlete sponsorships, a (series/set of) limited edition cans for adaptive, ideally supporting adaptive athletes with sales, would be a very popular program especially if the $$ were more than nominal. Could be done with voting for winners etc. Including activities and known events add more reach.

Adaptive Driving Experience

NASCAR hand controlled race / pace car.
The Adaptive Driving Experience car will be at Performance Racing Industry show (PRI) Dec 9 - 11, 2021. Last year there were over 70,000 show attendees, all in the racing industry. The car gets a lot of attention from pro drivers due to the technology and the market.

The hood for the show is available for $5000, fire suits and helmet sets with permanent logos are $800 - 1000 (range due to availability / covid), and there is a possibility that the shot sized water can be distributed. There are other long term options available as well.

The deadline to reserve the hood is this week, Aug 27 (for show booking deadlines).

Niagara Sledge Hockey League

League and Team level opportunities are available
With a plan to start the first season this fall with a six-team league representing six of Niagara’s 12 municipalities, interest is very keen across the region. Sled equipment will move community to community for games in ParaSport Ontario’s flashy trailer. Towns and municipalities are excited for the opportunity to be part of their recreational programming.

This is a regional program, offering thousands of disabled adults and children the opportunity to play. As it's supported by the Government of Ontario as well, the exposure and participation surrounding the launch of the league will be extensive. Additionally, the NHL supports sled hockey at all their team rinks and it's a signature event at Paralympics.

NXT LVL athlete & personality suggestions

Athletes, personalities and e-gaming pros.

Adaptive Driving Experience Car Photos

Thrive Summer 2021

Sled Hockey Media Kit

Disabled consumers are the largest visible minority consumer group in North America, over 55 million striong, spending in excess of $1 trillion dollars annually.
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